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“Making a positive impact in people’s lives, one person at a time, blesses me.”


 Allison D. Mahon is a woman who defied the odds, overcame and lived her life on purpose. She frequently recounts her victory over domestic violence, low self-esteem, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a part of her testimony.  Allison understands firsthand the effects of what violence and abuse can do to women and children. She remembers the lows of financial hardships and the highs of being able to trust men again. And out of her love and compassion for those she deeply empathizes with, she founded the Beautiful Me program, a hands-on approach to embracing and empowering those who are generally hard to reach. 


Allison is truly dedicated to transforming the lives of women and children through the gift of healing and helping. As a child, she had an innate desire to help and serve people. Whether it was to carry a bag for an elderly person, or hold the hand of a terminally ill patient transitioning from life to death. Allison took the time to develop her natural and spiritual gifts. 


In her profession, she witnessed the crippling effects of ALS disease and was compelled to seek and create alternative forms and methods of healing other than the conventional methods of medicine. Out of her heart to see people healed and well, Allison combined her message therapy practice with her own recipes and natural products and birthed Alloma Care Spa & Wellness.


“My greatest hope is that the quality of a person’s life will increase after meeting me.”


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