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Alloma Care is a private label candle and spa product manufacturer committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients through our Private Label Soy Candles and Organic Body and hair products. Our private label soy candles are created with the utmost care and precision. From wicking to wax melting to pouring and wick-cutting,  Alloma Care  is known our perfectly blended botanical fragrances and packaging,  our candles and spa products can be found at spas, salons  and retailers.  Custom made fragrances and fragrance replicating is available. 

There are many advantages of Private Label Branding, and below are three that we have found to be very beneficial.


1. Loyalty

Private Label is one way to build customer loyalty from people who like your products. High quality brands with limited accessibility to a large customer base help you gain loyalty from core customers. Your customers feel attached to your brand and product.

2. High Margins

Private Label  is one way to separate yourself from competitors. One of the greatest attributes of private labels is that you inherently have an exclusive right to sell the products. If you market the brand well and create demand for it.  This contributes to your ability to charge premium prices.

3. Wholesale

With the right quantity  you could operate as a wholesaler of your brand and offer limited access to other retailers who pay you premium acquisition costs for the right to carry your Private Label Products. This not only generates more income, but it also spreads the exposure of your brand even further.

We can help you design, package and launch your private label candle line. We have helped many clients with their product lines and promotional candle projects.

How We Create Your Custom Candle & Spa Products
We start with the specifications of your candle or spa product project: packaging, containers, branding, color and fragrance.


The Basic Foundation
The right wax blend combined with the right wick can take several rounds of testing to find the right combination that gives your candle the perfect fragrance or scent throw. Fragrances needs to be sampled in several different states during the project to get the perfect scent throw for the final product. 


We Test & Re-test
Once the final foundation formula and wick combination has been achieved , we conduct thorough testing to ensure the candle burns well and has plenty of scent throw making it the finest, custom candle experience your customers deserve.

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